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Wine Making


Basic Steps

Getting started





Introduction to Winemaking


Home winemaking is an enjoyable, educational and satisfying hobby. Winemaking recipes make the process easy and simple instructions ensure success. The basic steps are easy to learn and practice. Advanced principles and techniques are not difficult to master, but are not required to make good wine. This website, The Winemaking Home Page, strives to be the definitive resource for the amateur home winemaker.

The traditional homemade wine base ingredient is the grape because it naturally contains the correct mix of sugar, moisture, tannin, and nutrients required for fermentation and preservation, and it even carries its own yeast. But in truth, wine can be made from almost any non-toxic plant or plant part if additional ingredients are supplied in the correct amount. It may not be great wine or even good wine, but it can be made. This site exists to help you make only good-to-excellent wine.

A great variety of winemaking recipes encompassing a great variety of base ingredients and simple winemaking instructions are included to simplify the process and ensure success. Numerous hints are passed along in the recipes to help you avoid problems particular to a given ingredient. For example, the instruction to "squeeze gently to extract the juice" in a recipe is a hint that vigorous squeezing will lead to a problem later on -- specifically, cloudy wine that refuses to clarify.

Some portion of this site changes or grows almost every day, so check back often and grow with it. Bookmark The Winemaking Home Page now and it will always be only a click or two away. And please take a moment to sign my guestbook so I'll know how I'm doing.

Jack Keller, winemaker


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